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Secondary Containment

Portable Spill Containment - The most innovative and cost effective Secondary Containment System on the Market!

Why A Hallsten Modular System?

  • Versatile
  • Cost Effective
  • Modular System
  • Easy to Install
  • Visually Appealing
  • Chemical Resistant
  • No Maintenance
  • Structurally Superior
  • Patented Design

 Portable Spill Containment
Shown with optional floor/cover

Hallsten, with its many years of fabricating experience has developed and patented a unique system that utilizes the efficiencies and simplicity of modular type construction to produce a Superior Secondary Containment System, also refered to as a Portable Containment Berm.

Hallsten's Polyethylene Secondary Containment system is cost effective. The polyethylene berm modules are interchangeable and easily installed or removed and the entire system is assembled without tools or special skills.

Hallsten's Secondary Containment System is installed in a fraction of the time required for other systems because the Hallsten system has:

  • No Fasteners
  • No Special Labor Skills
  • No Foundation or Concrete Work Required
  • No Special Tools or Training Needed to Assemble

Since 1966 Hallsten has designed and manufactured innovative structures for industry. In this time Hallsten has developed specialized polyethylene and aluminum designs and assembly techniques that when combined with other industrial components, represent a significant advance in the versatility and quality of these products.

Hallsten's Secondary Containment System provides containment for a variety of environmental sensitive products. Only four components are required to assemble a containment structure of any width and length. The polyethylene interlocking berm, with may be ballasted with water or sand, the polyethylene liner, the liner retainer, and the modular floor system completes the assembly. When you require secondary containment for enviornmental project, think of using a Hallsten Polyethylene Modular System!

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 Portable Spill Containment

Portable Containment Berm