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Lite-Span® Aluminum Covers

"...the most innovative and cost effective aluminum cover on the market, period!"

allsten Corporation's Aluminum Lite-Span Covers provide gaseous emissions containment for clarifiers, sludge holding tanks, bio-towers, aeration basins and any number of other storage vessels found in projects of environmental importance.

Innovative and cost effective, the Hallsten Corporation Aluminum Lite-Span Cover represents a breakthrough in modular design and structural efficiency. Hallsten Corporation pioneered the use of extruded aluminum for cover construction. Although imitated, the patented design of the Hallsten Corporation Aluminum Lite-Span Cover has never been equaled. Simply put, there is no "or equal". The Hallsten Corporation Aluminum Lite-Span Cover is the most innovative and cost effective cover on the market, period.

  • Air Tight
  • Visually Appealing
  • Structurally Superior
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Energy Saving
  • Maintenance Friendly
  • Easy to Install

The Hallsten Corporation Aluminum Lite-Span Cover is the result of a focused effort to design an aluminum cover specifically intended for environmental applications. The design effort has resulted in over a dozen United States Patents. These patents not only cover the primary structural design of the Hallsten Corporation Aluminum Lite-Span Cover but also many of the unique features found only on this cover system. Included in these features are the Gear Hinged Access Hatch Panel and the Double Seal Gutter. The patented Gear Hinged Access Hatch Panel allows any individual panel on a cover system to become a fully opening access hatch. This effectively allows for a cover system that provides total access to the tank below. The Double Seal Gutter provides a patented continuous double seal for irregular or damaged concrete often found in basin retrofit installations. Both of these features are only found on Hallsten Corporation Aluminum Lite-Span Covers. The modular structural design allows Hallsten Corporation to construct covers of any size required on projects of this type.

Once installed, the patented double interlocking deck component combined with interlocking beams form a substantially air tight structure. Our unique fabrication techniques and the close design tolerances assure that gases and odors are safely contained. Polymer seals are used between adjoining panels and at the cover perimeter. These replaceable seals allow the thermal expansion and contraction of the cover without compromising the integrity of the joints. Our unique hatch and penetration details provide minimal leakage through these normally troublesome components.


 sump area before
 sump area after covers installed


The low profile of the Hallsten Corporation Aluminum Lite-Span Cover provides for a very clean aesthetic appearance. Each component of the system has been designed with an eye towards this aesthetic. A camber is designed into every cover to assure proper drainage of rainwater. This camber can be increased or decreased to vary the aesthetic appearance. The standard mill finish of the aluminum surface components includes a ribbed texture that disguises the unwanted metal appearance common with bent sheet metal covers. Optionally, the cover can be sandblast finished or anodized.

The patented design of the Hallsten Corporation Aluminum Lite-Span  Cover is structurally superior to any competing cover. Each modular panel can be individually constructed to provide for high load pedestrian paths and working areas. Only Hallsten Corporation can provide a cover with sufficient strength to withstand concentrated loads in excess of 1000 pounds without permanent deformation. Surface dishing from concentrated load over-stressing, so common with bent metal or inferior component based covers, is eliminated with the Hallsten Corporation Aluminum Lite-Span  Cover system. The panel and beam configuration allows Hallsten Corporation to design cover structures with extremely high distributed load capacity. The modular configuration provides for unlimited geometric options. Covers can be configured in any shape or size; circular, rectangular or irregular.


The Hallsten Corporation Aluminum Lite-Span  Cover is fabricated entirely of 6061 T6 alloy corrosion resistant aluminum extrusions. Every seal used between adjoining panels is of a corrosion resistant polymer. Even the patented connector between the beam and the panel is a structural polymer that is chemical resistant and will not weaken or corrode. A mechanical and replaceable Santoprene seal isolates the cover perimeter from the concrete or steel tank wall. No foam tape or caulk is used.

A flat cover, when used with odor control units such as scrubbers and other air handling equipment significantly reduces energy costs. By reducing the volume of the enclosed gases, the size of blowers, fans, ducts and scrubbers can be reduced with a proportional savings in power consumption. This creates an overall savings, both in initial construction cost and operation. If required, the Hallsten Corporation Aluminum Lite-Span  Cover can be provided with insulation to minimize heat losses in thermally sensitive processes.

The modular design of the Hallsten Corporation Aluminum Lite-Span  Cover makes maintenance substantially easier than our competitors bent metal or inferior component based covers. The Hallsten Corporation Aluminum Lite-Span  Cover's modular sections can be easily removed because there are no corroded sheet metal screws, frozen nuts or wedged seals to hinder access. Each panel can be lifted by hand with only the force of its weight unlike some of our competitors units that require special lifting equipment to pry each panel loose. Each Hallsten Corporation Aluminum Lite-Span  Cover is as easy to remove as it is to install assuring total access to process equipment. An optional temporary handrail system is available to protect maintenance workers. This handrail system clips to the beam component of the cover system and is easily installed at any location where a panel has been removed or an access hatch panel has been opened.

The Hallsten Corporation Aluminum Lite-Span Cover includes an integral non-skid surface. Every panel and beam, regardless of position or load capacity, incorporates this surface. Slip resistance is critical to the safety of all personnel.
The installation of bent metal and inferior component based covers is labor intensive and demands intricate field assembly. By combining fewer parts with modular panel design, Hallsten Corporation is able to reduce installation costs significantly over competitor's designs. This results in a tremendous savings, not only during initial installation, but also in long-term maintenance. A cover that is initially easy to install is also easy to remove and reinstall by plant maintenance personnel should the need ever arise.

The combination of superior structural design, unique features and easy installation makes die Hallsten Corporation Aluminum Lite-Span Cover the most cost effective cover system available. Structural efficiency, born as a result of the rigorous competition found in municipal projects, results in a design that maximizes performance while considering the bottom line cost to construct.

Efficient and cost effective, the Hallsten Corporation Aluminum Lite-Span Cover is truly an innovation in structural technology. This unique system, the result of years of development, has been awarded numerous United States Patents. Each component has been carefully designed to assure maximum performance. Unique manufacturing and assembly techniques, including the use of specialized adhesives, provide the optimal use of aluminum's special physical properties. This proven technology is a direct descendent of the weld less aluminum structural system developed and patented by Hallsten Corporation for use in the rugged marine environment. With proven performance since 1966, the quality of Hallsten Corporation engineering has passed the test of time.

The Hallsten Corporation Aluminum Lite-Span Cover utilizes the efficiencies and simplicity of modular design. Although each cover is individually engineered, each shares a family of common components. This allows Hallsten Corporation to manufacture the cover system in a factory environment employing assembly line techniques and batch processing. The primary structural components, the beams, are sized and designed using computer analysis to optimize structural efficiency for each cover. The stacked beam assembly technique provides the ability to individually optimize each beam on every unique cover structure. Along with the patented Gear Hinged Access Hatch Panel, deck penetrations and other cover accessories are designed and constructed as an integral part of the cover structure. Deck penetration kits can be field installed to assure that there are no mistakes in the coordination of the trades. Course of construction changes can be easily accommodated with this combination of modular factory construction and field installable accessories and penetrations. The Hallsten Corporation Aluminum Lite-Span Cover system has been designed and is manufactured with real world construction in mind.
Efficient design results in cost savings. Savings are realized not only in the initial cost of the cover but also in the installation and maintenance. The Hallsten Corporation Aluminum Lite-Span Cover is less expensive to install and maintain because it has;

  • No expensive threaded structural fasteners or rivets
  • No special labor-intensive installation or removal techniques or equipment
  • No independent support system to install or assemble
  • No specially trained personnel needed to install or remove the cover.

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