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Hallsten Corporation has been building floating docks since 1967. We proudly serve the public and private sectors of Northern Californina and beyond with walkway handrails and gangways to complete any commercial marina dock projects.

Hallsten Corporation pioneered the use of aluminum components for use in a marine environment.  The extreme corrosion resistance of aluminum in combination with the inherent strength of aluminum extrusions provided the basis for a marine structural system that provided unmatched quality and value.

This has led to the development of our high performance gangways, and docks. Our marine dock line include custom docks, crew rowing docks, swim platforms, dock boxes, ramps and ladders. This allows us to also create a marina that meets your needs. We have an in-depth working knowledge of the ADA and the requirements instated by the Californina Corp of Engineers. See our new flexable Crew Pro Dock Series

Since the 70’s, Hallsten Corporation has contracted with every major branch of the armed services for the design and assembly of our products. Over this period, Hallsten Corporation has delivered dozens of gangways, platforms, and covers to military bases. The United States Navy has taken delivery of our products in Okinawa, Pearl Harbor, Norfolk Va., Bremerton Wa. and San Diego Ca. to name a few. Our marine gangway product has been the standard specification of the United States Navy for years!

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Crew Rowing Docks
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