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The attractive “no maintenance” solution for your custom Access Ladder, Canopy, Awning, Platform, Ramp, Security Gate, Stairway, or Bridge Project. Free yourself from all maintenance problems, save on costs, with marine alloy aluminum structures which retain their attractive appearance.

The marine alloy aluminum used in our Industrial Structures resists corrosion. Will not rot, split, or rust. Needs no painting or other protective coatings.

Hallsten Industrial Structures can be engineered to meet your existing conditions. Custom structures for complex configurations can be accommodated.

Hallsten Lite-Span decking provides safety underfoot for all users.  A unique deck surface treatment provides unparalleled slip resistance - dry or wet. No ecological hazards are created by aluminum in any water. Lite-Span Structures can be designed to meet almost any load and spanning requirements.

Hallsten Industrial Structures are fabricated of high strength, marine aluminum alloy. All assembly is by Gas Metal Arc Welding using the latest techniques in welding technology. Wherever possible, automatic welding processes are employed to assure high quality construction. The welding assembly and the inherit properties of aluminum provide a structure which is maintenance free and which will retain a new appearance through years of service.

Aluminum’s light weight, combined with its strength and the rugged construction of the Lite-Span Structure, makes them easier to handle than structures of other materials. They may be transported with light vehicles. In most cases, they can be put into place or removed without cranes or special equipment.

Industrial Structures by Hallsten Corporation make you money. With sound, efficient engineering and design, high quality fabrication, and no maintenance requirements, our Lite-Span Structures assure a high return on your investment.

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