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 Crew Pro Dock Series If a dock with a wide array of possibilities for recreational boating and water activities is important to you, discover the Crew-Pro Dock. The Crew-Pro Dock is a modular system and can be easily re-configured for many other uses which will increase the value to the owner. The ability to utilize this modular system of docks instantaneously provides the Dock Master with additional sources of revenue.

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Standard Features of the Hallsten Crew-Pro Dock:

  • A new type of floating dock; designed for low cost and maximum flexibility.
  • The individual floating docks are easy to reconfigure; end to end or side to side to form any layout.
  • This adjustability allows any size berth in length and width.
  • The dock modules are all one size, are identical, and can be placed anywhere.
  • The docks are fabricated with marine grade aluminum heavy hollow tube frame on four sides, with an aluminum ribbed sand finished deck.
  • Dock modules can be placed anywhere, and adjust in length.
  • Polystyrene floatation fully encased in marine grade aluminum.
  • Polyethylene fender bumpers on exterior sides.
  • Full length safety grab rail at water level.
  • Standard size cleat on two sides, below deck level.
  • Typical  dock modules are 5’x19’, low floating, with 5” freeboard.
  • 20 PSF Live Load Capacity.
  • Each dock has provisions for options such as: Adjustable Anchor Chain Attachment, Anchor Winch with underwater wire rope guide, Pile Guide Ring, Light Fixture, or a Flag Pole.
 Crew Rowing Dock


Dock Layouts Available:

Crew Starting Line Dock Startline Dock Layout
Professional rowing teams must have a dock at their training facility configured to the FISA standard starting line. The Hallsten Crew-Pro Dock is designed to do exactly that. This is a unique modular system with adjustable finger capabilities. With 32 docks and 8 sliders, this starting line is ready for eight start lanes for any length of boat and is ready to easily adjust right on the spot.


 Marina Dock Layout Marina Dock Layout
This is an example of a Marina Layout. By utilizing the 32 Crew-Pro Dock units and the 8 slider frame mechanisms in the starting line, the Dock Master can easily increase and decrease the width of the birth in the marina. This capability allows the Dock Master to easily adjust the birth size to the desired width for each slip. The Crew-Pro Dock will provide this type of adjust ability will produce more usable spaces for a wide variety of boats. More slips equals more income.



 Rental Dock Layout Rental Dock Layout
This is an example of a Rental Layout. The Crew-Pro Dock has the ability to be connected end-to-end or side-by-side. This provides and endless array of docking possibilities.


 Event Dock Layout Event Dock Layout
This is an example of a Event Dock Layout. The Crew-Pro Dock has the ability to be connected into a large area of your choice. This is a great way to host parties, weddings, group training, or just simply boating and swimming fun!

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