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A commercial aerobic composing polyethylene floor system.

Biological air pollution control has been used on an increasing basis in recent years to cleanse noxious and odorous gases, such as those emanating from sewage treatment plants. In addition to sewage treatment plants, biofilters are useful for treating the effluent gases from many other processes, such as farming, rendering plants, coffee roasters, foundries, and composting plan.

Biological filtration systems, or biofiltration utilize a bed of stacked biofilter material such as compost, tree bark, peat, heather or soil, generally three or more feet deep above the BioFloor. The containment gas from the sewage treatment plant or other sources is blown upward though the biofilter material via the plenum created by the Biofloor system. The material in the biofiltration bed provides an environment for a diverse culture of microorganisms, which degrade the gaseous pollutants as they pass through the biofilter.

 aerobic composing floor system

BioFloor was first developed in 1999 and a patent was filed in April of 2000. The first embodiment of the BioFloor manufactured from rotationally molded polyethylene. This tile design provided for a handclasp interlock between the individual floor tiles. Our first project was completed in 2001. The largest biofilter constructed in the United States used our BioFloor. This Dallas, Texas project was completed in 2003.

As with all Hallsten products, the BioFloor has  been continually developed and improved. Early improvements began in 2003 with provisions for a more robust mechanical inter-tile connection and substantially increased load handling. The tile was specifically designed to handle the weight of a 56k pound Cat style front loader. Also, as part of the latest redesign, the tile has been specifically developed to handle the elevated heat levels created by the compost and biofiltration processes.

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 BioFloor used at biofiltration plant