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Hallsten Corporation, A Technical Overview

allsten Corporation has developed a full line of structural aluminum products. These products are based on a structural system that has evolved through our experience in the design and fabrication of metal structures since 1966. These various products are used in marine, industrial and environmental applications. The basis for the structural system is a unique set of interlocking aluminum components. The use of these components provides a structural system that is very versatile, can be used in a variety of structures and provides unmatched strength and durability.

In the early 1970's Hallsten Corporation pioneered the use of aluminum components for the construction of structures to be used in a marine environment. The extreme corrosion resistance of aluminum in combination with the inherent strength of aluminum extrusions provided the basis for a marine structural system that provided unmatched quality and value. These early structures were fully assembled with welded connections. Hallsten Corporation continued to refine the design of these structures and by the 1980's had eliminated the majority of the welds required to assemble the components. The welded connections were replaced with details that included specialized adhesives as well as non-threaded mechanical connectors. Where welds were retained, the welds were designed to minimize the effect of fatigue induced in the heat affected areas. These welds were located in areas with minimal cyclical loading. Additionally, the remaining welded connections were designed with longer individual welds, which tend to be more fatigue resistant. The weldless design proved to be highly fatigue resistant as well as much more structurally efficient than a fully welded design due to the elimination of these heat affected areas and their corresponding allowable stress reductions.
 Hallsten Patent #5,050,361
The weldless structural design resulted in the issuance of United States Patent number 5,050,361, "Deck Structure". This structural system is comprised of panels that include the primary structural beam section as a frame member for the decking system. When assembled, the structure becomes self-framing as well as self-supporting.

The application of this structural system as a tank cover became evident to the engineers at Hallsten Corporation. A specific design was developed and subsequently United States Patent number 5,325,646, "Tank Cover Structure", was awarded. Our design provides for a cover system with integral support beams as well as a panel system that allows for spanning capacity to meet the needs of any field application. This structural system has been used to construct tank covers of all sizes and in all geometric configurations; square, round and irregular. This original patent has been supplemented with over a dozen additional patents that have added features and accessories to the original tank cover structural system.

Hallsten Corporation, in partnership with EnviroQuip of Austin, Texas, has developed and been awarded a United States Patent for a cover system with integral air distribution for the aeration of wastewater. This AirBeam cover integrates the innovative TransMax aeration system of EnviroQuip into the Aluminum Lite-Span®  Cover. The beams of the cover structure become the air distribution plenums for the aeration system. Additionally, the air-metering orifice of the EnviroQuip aeration system is located above the cover surface. This location makes the diffusers truly non-clogging and extremely accessible. Aeration system maintenance can be performed from the slip resistant deck of the cover surface.

 Hallsten Patent #5,325,646Hallsten Corporation has developed and patented a modular biofiltration support system for the construction of large Biofilters used in the elimination of odors for waste treatment processes. The polyethylene confinement berm and floor modules can be quickly assembled to form a biofilter cell of any width and length. The system assures the even distribution of air emitted through the floor with minimal head losses. The floor system supports heavy wheel loads for the use of equipment to service the media beds. Hallsten Corporation has also developed and patented a Modular Containment System for Hazardous Materials. Like the Biofilter the Containment System, primarily used for the secondary containment of potentially hazardous materials, is comprised of polyethylene components. These interconnectable berm members can be configured to form virtually any desired containment perimeter.

Hallsten Corporation has established a reputation for our unique ability to create products that employ modular structural systems. These products allow Hallsten Corporation to engineer specific structures utilizing a family of predesigned components. The result is high performance, efficient structures at very competitive prices. Hallsten Corporation continues to provide design-build structures to a variety of industries. In addition to covers for wastewater and water treatment plants, Hallsten Corporation provides aluminum and steel structures for marine and industrial applications. Typical of these are marine access gangways, floating docks and structures, industrial mezzanines, stairways and man ways, conveyor crossovers and bridging structures as well as steel truss bridges for pedestrian and light vehicular use.

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